April 23, 2018

Twospotted spider makes an appearance in low-tunnel system

Twospotted spider mite damage was detected on the leaves of day-neutral strawberry plants under the low-tunnel system in late July.  While the damage was slight, it certainly came as a surprise since we did not experience this type of insect problem in 2013 with our low-tunnel system.  Typically, the twospotted spider mite is found in very warm environments, such as a high tunnel or greenhouses.

Twospotted spider mite

Twospotted spider mite on day-neutral strawberry leaves

Twospotted spider mite damage to strawberries appears as stippling, scarring, and bronzing of the leaves and calyx.  To control the mites, organic insecticide applications of Oxidate at 1 oz per 1 gallon of water was applied on a weekly basis.

The mites were detected prior to harvest; no mites were found in the non-low tunnel treatment.