February 23, 2018

Looking ahead to the 2014 growing season

 Now that all of the data has been collected and analyzed for our 2013 growing season, we look forward to a 2014-2015 growing season!  Hear Steve’s final thoughts on the project for 2013.      

Gaining Momentum

The word is quickly spreading of our documented success in extending the strawberry season!   By using day-neutral strawberry cultivars in a low tunnel production system, we’ve not only seen a noticeably sweeter strawberry, but have harvested well beyond the traditional June strawberry season.  Our research project was recently highlighted in the March/April 2014 edition of the […]

End of season day-neutral strawberry yields

One of the objectives of our project was to determine if the use of a low tunnel system with day-neutral strawberries could provide adequate yields.  Traditional June-bearing strawberry varieties in Minnesota have a baseline yield of 5,500 pounds per acre (lb/A).  As shown below, lb/A of each of the six cultivars in the low tunnel and non-low […]