April 20, 2018

Strawberry Cultivars: Not Recommended

Although some of these cultivars have received favorable reports from elsewhere, they have not proven themselves in Minnesota.

Nova Scotia, 1998
Though very large and firm, these berries lack flavor. The plant appears not to have sufficient hardiness for Minnesota, and does not make many daughters.

Nova Scotia, 1996
An attractive, glossy, symmetrical berry. However, its flavor is somewhat bland, and its light pinkish color becomes an unattractive grayish-pink when cooked or made into jam. Plants are hardy in southern Minnesota only.

Beltsville, Maryland, 1994
This plant has many good qualities, as does its fruit; however, it does not seem to be sufficiently hardy for Minnesota.

Ever-Bearing and Day-Neutral Cultivars
Ever-bearing and day-neutral strawberries are popular for home gardens and for commercial production systems in other regions. However, they are not recommended for commercial planting in Minnesota. While the winter-hardiness of many of these varieties is adequate, they are not as productive as June-bearers. They suffer during Minnesota’s hot summers, and the presence of flowers, unripe fruits, and ripe fruits at the same time on the plants makes chemical control of tarnished plant bug very difficult or impossible.