April 19, 2018

Strawberry Cultivars

The fruit breeding program at the University of Minnesota has introduced numerous strawberry cultivars throughout the years. The breeding program also trials strawberry selections and releases from other programs. At the same time, commercial producers in Minnesota trial cultivars on their own, looking for the ones that will work for their locations and their marketing strategies. The list of cultivars that follows includes some that have performed well in University of Minnesota trials, and many that are accepted as commercially successful on strawberry farms across the state.

Generally, commercially grown strawberry plants in Minnesota are June-bearing, producing fruit from June through early July in southern Minnesota and late July in northern Minnesota. The strawberry cultivars listed in these tables are June bearers.

We are currently conducting research on new day-neutral cultivars grown in low tunnels for season extension. 

Cultivars and Their Characteristics

U of M Strawberry Variety Trials

Cultivars Not Recommended