April 23, 2018

Pest Management for Strawberries


Integrated Pest Management Manual for Minnesota Strawberry Fields (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)
This publication is designed to help strawberry growers, researchers, and other professionals associated with strawberry production and pest management.

Field Guide for Identification of Pest Insects, Diseases, and Beneficial Organisms in Minnesota Strawberry Field (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)
The guide provides easy-to-use field identification characters (distinguishing marks or colors) that can be used to diagnose key pest species from look-alikes (pests and non-pests) that may be confused with them.

The Berry Diagnostic Tool (Cornell University)

Strawberry IPM (Cornell University)

Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network
A collaboration by Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University and the USDA/ARS, this site contains fact sheets and links to pages related to production practices for strawberries. There are also recommendations and links to general fruit growing topics such as pest management, organic production, irrigation, and pollination.