April 23, 2018

Modification to securing the plastic

During the heat of the summer months, it becomes increasingly important to provide adequate ventilation and temperature control under the low tunnel system.  If the sides remain down on an 80 degree day, it may reach temperatures of 90 plus degrees under the plastic, which is too hot for berry production.

In the past couple of years, we’ve had difficultly with the sides of the low tunnel staying up during these warm periods.  Slight wind gusts would knock the plastic back down, increasing the temperature.  In 2017, we tried a new method for securing the plastic 16-20 inches above the ground, allowing for adequate ventilation.

Rolled up plastic sides are secured under the  straps.

We rolled the excess plastic mid-way up the hoop structure (as seen in the photo) and secured the roll under the straps.  So far, this seems to hold the plastic secure even in 40-50 mile per hour winds.