April 20, 2018

Louise Swenson

Louise Swenson is hardy in the Twin Cities area, with occasional winter injury in severe seasons. It has an orderly growth habit, with moderate vigor on most sites. It buds out relatively late in the spring compared to other interspecific hybrid grape varieties. Observations on very sandy conditions.

Louise Swenson rarely exceeds 20 Brix, even if left to hang past midseason, which, along with its large berries, makes it suitable as a table grape. Low sugar content of the berries means winemakers must add sugar in most years. Acidity is moderate and needs no reduction. The wine has a delicate aroma of flowers and honey. This wine’s only significant fault is that it is rather light in body, and blending with another variety will make a more complete wine.

Disease resistance is generally very good, with some susceptibility to anthracnose.