April 19, 2018

La Crescent

This variety is hardy throughout the southern half of Minnesota. The vine is very cold hardy; trunks have survived -36° F. Vigor and productivity are medium. The medium-sized clusters are sligApril 13, 2008 10:45 AM nor botrytis have been observed, even under wet conditions.

La Crescent can be made into a high-quality semi-sweet wine with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Berry sugar content averages 24.5° brix (22.6-27.6°); acid content averages 1.19% t.a. (.93-1.57%); pH averages 3.00 (2.63-3.15).

Wineries are eager to crush La Crescent; however, vines will not be available from nurseries in great quantities for a few years, as stock is increased.

Low susceptibility to powdery mildew and black rot, moderate susceptibility to downy mildew (on the leaves) and foliar phylloxera.