April 23, 2018

Grape Production

Cold Hardy Grapes (University of Minnesota)

Grape Varieties for Minnesota (University of Minnesota)

A Review of Cold Climate Grape Cultivars
This page provides an excellent summary of grape varieties that are productive in our cold climate.

Growing Grapes in Minnesota (Minnesota Grape Growers Association)

Information on Pollination (U of MN)

Petiole Analysis as a Guide to Grape Vineyard Fertilization (University of Minnesota)

Northern Winework: Growing Grapes and Making Wine in Cold Climates (Plocher and Parke)

Iowa Viticulture
This site from our neighbor to the south has excellent information about growing grapes in a cold Midwestern climate.

Growing Fruit in the Upper Midwest (Don Gordon, University of Minnesota Press)

Vineyard Establishment I (Michigan State Extension)

Penn State Grapevine Newsletter
Besides a list of online publications from the newsletter, this site has links to publications from many universities on a wide range of issues associated with growing grapes and producing wine. Click on “Publications” under the “Communicating” section to find links to other wine newsletters from other universities.

Growing Grapes for Home Use (University of Minnesota Extension Service)

Illinois Vineyard Business Planning Workbook (Southern Illinois University – Carbondale)