February 25, 2018

Update on Cold Climate Strawberry Farming eBook

We apologize that the Cold Climate Strawberry Farming ebook is not currently available to new readers on Inkling due to changes in Inkling’s business model. We are currently working on republishing Cold Climate Strawberry Farming using a different service. We’ll post progress updates on our Facebook page.

Growing strawberries interactive eBook

Are you planning to grow strawberries on your farm next season. Then you should download a copy of our eBook, Cold Climate Strawberry Farming. It’s free and available on any device, desktop or mobile. This eBook was developed and reviewed with the help of experienced strawberry growers throughout Minnesota, in order to be sure it […]

Cold Climate Strawberry Farming Now Available for FREE on Inkling.com

Strawberry farming can be successfully accomplished on a commercial scale throughout much of Minnesota, and strawberries are also well suited for small-scale and part-time farming operations. Although the number of acres in Minnesota is relatively small, the value per acre can provide a significant amount of revenue for Minnesota growers. Now, breaking into commercial strawberry […]

CCSF Cover Reveal

Since MOSES the public life of our interactive e-book, Cold Climate Strawberry Farming, has been rather quiet. We got a lot of great feedback from everyone at both MFVGA and MOSES and we’ve been diligently working away on the edits that everyone suggested. In addition, we’ve been planning and shooting the myriad of videos that […]

Feedback Sessions at MOSES Conference

After reading more about Cold Climate Strawberry Farming, are you interested in checking it out? While it’s not quite ready to be released to the public yet, we are doing feedback sessions at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference on February 28 in La Crosse, WI. We are looking for feedback from people with all levels […]

Cold Climate Strawberry Farming: A Guide to Growing and Selling Strawberries in Cold Climates

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey on growing strawberries last September. It gave us some great information about what current growers think is important to know as well as what new growers are really wondering about. Strawberries can be successfully grown on a commercial scale throughout much of Minnesota and are also […]

Survey for a New E-Learning Tool

The University of Minnesota is seeking feedback from farmers who are growing, or considering growing strawberries commercially to help us develop a comprehensive e-learning tool that will teach sustainable methods and technologies for marketing and growing strawberries, including methods to extend the season based on our on-going low tunnel research.  Please take a  5-minute survey […]