March 21, 2018

2016 Strawberry Yield Trial Results

  2016 Strawberry yield trial results at West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris, MN. Planting established in Spring 2014. Cultivar Lbs/Acre Berry Wt Earliness1 Vigor2 Plant Stand3 Stand Change Oct15-Jun164 Stand Change Oct14-Jun165 Annapolis 3439 6.1 63 8.7 87% 19% -17% Cavendish 6985 10.3 44 7.3 60% 7% -24% Daroyal 9454 9.2 63 9.0 […]

Update on Cold Climate Strawberry Farming eBook

We apologize that the Cold Climate Strawberry Farming ebook is not currently available to new readers on Inkling due to changes in Inkling’s business model. We are currently working on republishing Cold Climate Strawberry Farming using a different service. We’ll post progress updates on our Facebook page.

Take a quick survey and win a handmade mug!

Farmers, the University of Minnesota needs your input! Whether your farm is urban or rural, small or large, we need your help. Please spend 5 minutes on this survey to guide University of Minnesota specialty crops research, then you can enter to win a handmade ceramic mug from the Department of Horticultural Science.  Click here for […]

Extend the Raspberry Season with High Tunnels

by Aimee Talbot Raspberries are a common and popular fruit for fresh eating. Raspberries are also an ideal crop to produce for fresh markets or value-added products, as they are easy to grow, produce a crop by their second year, and continue producing for up to ten years. They have the potential to be a […]

Growing strawberries interactive eBook

Are you planning to grow strawberries on your farm next season. Then you should download a copy of our eBook, Cold Climate Strawberry Farming. It’s free and available on any device, desktop or mobile. This eBook was developed and reviewed with the help of experienced strawberry growers throughout Minnesota, in order to be sure it […]

Growing organic strawberries in Minnesota

by Emily Hoover, Carl Rosen, Jim Luby, and Suzanne Wold-Burkness. Many of the practices in conventional strawberry production are applicable to organic growers as well; starting with site selection and planting healthy, virus-indexed plants obtained from a reputable nursery. Organic strawberry production methods are determined by the USDA organic certification standards. In general, the standards allow […]