April 23, 2018

Mid Season Apple Varieties

Chestnut Crab

   Chestnut Crab

Origin: Malinda open pollinated, UM, 1949.
Harvest Period: Early to mid-September.
Fruit Characteristics: Large (2”) crabapple with russetted skin. Rich, intense flavor.
Uses: Fresh eating.
Storage Life: September.
Hardiness Zones: 4b, 4a, 3b, 3a
Tree Characteristics: Tree of medium vigor. Often planted as a pollenizer.
Production, Handling, and Marketing Issues:Fruits can be a pleasing red, usually russetted. Enjoying renewed popularity.




Origin: Keepsake x MN1627, UM, 1991.
Harvest Period: Late September.
Fruit Characteristics: Medium to large size, red with dappled yellow background. Extremely crisp and juicy. Well-balanced flavor. Flesh is slow to turn brown when cut.
Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, salad. Slices hold their shape in pies.
Storage Life: September to April
Maintains crispness and flavor for six to seven months after harvest.
Hardiness Zones: 4b, 4a, 3b
Tree Characteristics: Tree has low to medium vigor and good scab resistance. Consumers prefer this apple’s texture and juiciness over any other. Commands a premium price on farm, wholesale, and in grocery stores. Honeycrisp is definitely worth growing for its excellent eating qualities and for the higher prices it can bring. It can be a challenging apple to produce. Bitter pit, soft scald, biennial bearing and poor color are troubles experienced by some growers of Honeycrisp.



McIntosh and its sports

Origin: Discovered by John McIntosh, Dundas County, Ontario, 1811; introduced 1870.
Harvest Period: Mid-September.
Fruit Characteristics: Medium size, blushed red. Sweet to tart, highly aromatic flavor.
Uses: Fresh eating, sauce. Some people bake with Macs; however, the slices lose their shape when used in pie, crisp, other baked dishes.
Storage Life: September to late October or November.
Hardiness Zones: 4b, 4a, possibly 3b
Tree Characteristics: Tree of high vigor. Very susceptible to scab.
Production, Handling, and Marketing Issues:Subject to premature fruit drop.



    SweeTango® (Minneiska cultivar)

Origin: info coming soon
Harvest Period:
Fruit Characteristics:
Storage Life:
Hardiness Zones:
Tree Characteristics:
Production, Handling, and Marketing Issues:


Sweet Sixteen

   Sweet Sixteen

Origin: MN 447 x Northern Spy, UM, 1977.
Harvest Period: Mid- to late September.
Fruit Characteristics: Medium to large size, stripes and solid wash of rosy red. Crisp, juicy, very sweet yellowish flesh. Unusual “cherry candy” or spice flavor.
Uses: Fresh eating, sauce.
Storage Life: September to October
Hardiness Zones: 4b, 4a, 3b
Tree Characteristics: Vigorous; should be grown on dwarfing rootstocks. Prone to blind wood; slow to come into bearing. Susceptible to fireblight, especially when growing vigorously.
Production, Handling, and Marketing Issues: Tends to set light crops.